Making yourself heard...

Our voices represent us. And the way that we use them affects the way we are listened to. Gaining some understanding of this, and then shifting vocal habits to our advantage is the secret behind great communicators, be they actors, broadcasters, politicians, salesman, or teachers. Just about anybody really.

So, 'what can some voice coaching do for me?' I hear you ask. Well, drop me a line here for a consultation session and you'll see. 

Still need some convincing? Let me give you just a couple of examples:

You creative types - 

If you're an actor, I can help get you vocally fit to fill that space, give you a hand with some accent and dialect work, or provide you with some text coaching if you feel you're not quite making the most of those all important words. 

Broadcasters, maybe you could do with some vocal health information to keep you feeling strong with plenty of vocal stamina. Or perhaps you're feeling limited by your pitch range or tone, and would like to include more variety in your presenting.

Is this you? Say hello here

You corporate speakers -

If you pitch for new business, I can coach you in communication skills to ensure all of the key points you want to land with your clients, do so. Learning the art of economic, powerful, engaging communication reaps all kinds of rewards: in the way that people respond to you, and on your company's bottom line too. 

If you feel like you could do with that little bit more command in the boardroom, or want a hand with that all important presentation or pitch, let's have a chat


Losing your voice?

If you're any kind of professional voice user (and that's you if you need your voice to be able to do your job...) every now and again you may find you could use some vocal health advice. If you're used to losing your voice by the end of a Friday, some coaching can help you realise that it doesn't have to be this way! Teachers, I'm looking at you in particular...

Get in touch, and I'll help you sort that technique so your vocal health improves. We'll also look at some key communication skills, so that you no longer need constant volume for your voice to be heard.

Photo courtesy of ShutterHire. 

Photo courtesy of ShutterHire.