Just a little about me.

Photo courtesy of Matt Jamie http://www.mattjamie.co.uk

Photo courtesy of Matt Jamie http://www.mattjamie.co.uk

If you're in a hurry, here are my key credentials detailed briefly:

I am experienced in working with both the sung and spoken voice.

Here's a little bit more.

If you've got time and would like to know more, stick the kettle on and have a gander at the below:


After a degree in Music from the University of Birmingham where I specialised in Vocal Performance, I then went on to train as a performer on the Musical Theatre course at the Royal Academy of Music. Several years of work as a professional actor/musician followed, touring the country several times over in lots of varied theatre work, with a little bit of film and radio chucked in too. I had a ball, but my inner voice geek was on the rise… 


Thus, after a few years out there performing, I picked up another tack. Having qualified as a singing teacher at the Royal Academy of Music alongside my own performance studies, I was teaching privately alongside my performing work. This coaching work began to really pique my interest, and a two month teaching contract on a postgraduate performance course in Seoul, South Korea was the turning point. Two months of trying my hand at being a full time professional voice coach and singing teacher (fuelled by much kimchi) and I decided I desperately wanted to train further in voice. The kick I was getting from facilitating and enabling healthy and varied voice use in other performers took a hold and I decided that was the path I should take. 

Photo courtesy of ShutterHire.

Photo courtesy of ShutterHire.

An MFA in Voice Studies on the world renowned course at the Royal Central School of Speech and Drama was next. Though this course was predominantly to train me to coach spoken voice, the in-depth study of vocal anatomy and pedagogy has of course also hugely influenced my knowledge base and teaching style with the singing voice too.

Successfully working with the voice, whether sung or spoken, is a fine balance between working scientifically, and working artistically. As such, my lessons will give you a solid technical grounding and understanding, affording you as the performer/speaker a huge amount of autonomy, and furthermore the space, inspiration and safety to explore your creative ideas. 

I very much hope to hear from you soon.